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Transformers News: Transformers: Rise of The Beasts - Title Announcement


LOGLINE: Returning to the action and spectacle that first captured moviegoers around the world 14 years ago with the original Transformers, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will take audiences on a ‘90s globetrotting adventure and introduce the Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons to the existing battle on earth between Autobots and Decepticons. Directed by Steven Caple Jr. and starring Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback, the film arrives in theatres June 24, 2022.


Paramount Pictures and Skydance Present

In Association with Hasbro and New Republic Pictures

A Don Murphy/Tom DeSanto Production

A di Bonaventura Pictures Production

A Bay Films Production


DIRECTED BY: Steven Caple Jr.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY: Steven Spielberg, Brian Goldner, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Brian Oliver, Bradley J. Fischer, Valerii An

PRODUCED BY: Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Tom DeSanto & Don Murphy, Michael Bay, Mark Vahradian, Duncan Henderson

BASED ON: Hasbro's Transformers™ Action Figures

STARRING: Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback


Situada en los 90s, tendrá Maximals, Predacons y Terrorcons añadidos al conflicto Autobot/Decepticon


Transformers News: Notes from TRANSFORMERS Production Kickoff Virtual Event Confirmation including character reveals

Transformers 7 Production kick-off event

Director: Steven Caple, Jr
Moderator: Anthony Brenzican
Producer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura

  • Caple talked Beast Wars.
  • Title of next movie is Transformers Rise of the Beasts
  • Prehistoric, Predacons
  • Moderator mentioned Maximals, Predacons and "Terrorcons"? Not sure if he misspoke on Terrorcons.
  • Lorenzo talked about finding a new set of priorities with this direction.
  • Going to see new villains and Autobots we've never seen before.
  • Mentioned that Transformers has a lot of "tribes" and this movie is going to bring a lot of these "tribes" together.
  • Director mentioned Terrorcons again, so apparently not a mistake earlier. Terrorcons will disrupt the movie.
  • Difference between Predacons and Terrorcons. Predacons are more reptillian. Building a backstory to Predacons.
  • Predacons are the natural enemy of the Maximals.
  • Terrorcons are in opposition to the Autobots.
  • There will be some Decepticons in the movie.
  • 5 factions mentioned so far.
  • Terrorcons will threaten everyone.
  • Rise of the Beast time period will place around 1994.
  • Sounds like it will still be in the Bayverse. Intentionally setting it in 90s so that it doesn't cut into time period of Bay films.
  • 90s are rich in texture, mentioned music, and energy from the 90s. Director used the word "grit" to describe this era.
  • Drawing some inspiration from popular 90s films.
  • Will be a journey!
  • Lorenzo discussed how they are privileged to be part of this franchise. Access point are the human characters to get access to the Transformers characters.

Locations discussed:

  • New York City (Brooklyn) ... travel through New York, but Brooklyn is main area.
  • Peru, jungle, Monchu Pichu (sp?), beautiful landscapes, beautiful people. Incan traditions and how it impacts storyline.

Characters in Transformers Rise of the Beasts

Transformers characters discussed:

  • Main robot character ... is Optimus Prime, has a much more G1 flair. Cleaner look. Steven: "We are going G1 with Optimus Prime". Bringing the story back to see how (why?) Optimus Prime becomes the leader that we know. He's "new" to Earth. This film is forming why he wants to protect humans. Peter Cullen is returning as Optimus Prime.
  • Bumblebee as a Classic Z28 Camaro, but with an offroad kit on it. Literally called it Offroad Bumblebee.
  • Another Autobot ally ... Mirage is a silver Porsche 911 with blue detailing. Why not Jazz??? Rebel of the group. Anti-authority character. Lorenzo said Mirage has always been able to transform into other vehicles. Not sure what he was talking about? Mirage takes a prominence that is significant to the movie.
  • Arcee is 4th Autobot mentioned. Loyal soldier to Prime. Voice of reason. She transformers into a Motorcycle. Dakatti 916?
  • Another female Transformer is Nightbird. Vehicle form reminds me of Cybertron Runamuck. Transforms into a GTR. Still a ninja. Looks really cool. She's a Terrorcon. Lorenzo stated that she has had flexible allegiances in the past?
  • Different villain than Megatron. Big bad this time around is Scourge (but a different version than we've seen before). Leader of the Terrorcons. Looks like it might have a truck form or something. Large crane claw on left hand. Smokestacks behind shoulders with black smoke coming out of them. Sounds like a bounty hunter of sorts. Loves to collect Autobots and Maximals and tears off their faction symbols and wears them. Character design art by "Del Rio".
  • Beast Wars characters: Airazor. She's the heart of the Maximals. Rustic in design. Aged texture. Looks a bit rusty. Realistic mechanical beasts. Kind of gives me a Beast Machines vibe.
  • Rhinox is here as well. Looks like Headstrong. Likes to ram things. "Wants to use that horn!"
  • Optimus Primal as a gorilla. Has a traditional Maximal symbol on his chest. Not sure if that's final or not. Has hair on back of forearms and back of shoulders.

Human characters discussed:

  • Actors brought into conversation: Anothony Ramos and Dominique Fishback.
  • Dominique's character: playing Elena, works at a museum, trying to get a leg up in life, boss keeps taking credit for work she does. Intelligent person. Artifact researcher. Sophisticated thinker. New Yorker. If I recall correctly, she mentioned that she got into Transformers because of Shia and the first Michael Bay Transformers film.
  • Anothy's character: Noah, is from Brooklyn. Sort of like a father figure to his brother. All about taking care of home and family. Ex-military. Trying to find his way after came back home. Lower income. Hustling. Amazing with electronics. Anything electronic can fix. One thing he loves about Noah is his tenacity, heart, and will to never quit. Amazing to see his journey as humans meet Transformers in film. Anthony said Beast Wars was his Transformers.

Recap of characters discussed during today's event:

  • Anthony Ramos as "Noah"
  • Dominique Fishback as "Elena"
  • Optimus Prime
  • Bumblebee
  • Arcee
  • Mirage
  • Nightbird
  • Scourge
  • Airazor
  • Rhinox
  • Optimus Primal

Questions from the audience:

Are there practical elements to the film? Practical versus digital elements. Lorenzo says most of these movies are practical with digital effects enhancing the practical. The more you create "real", the more real the CG effects look. Steven: Cheat code for visual is partly the locations / scenery.

Daniel Cribb: What was some of main concerns coming into the legacy of Transformers?
Steven: balancing out what has come before and what he's going to bring to the table. Making sure people are feeling something new / fresh to the table. Something honest. Finding a relatability, a way to connect. Listens, close ear to the ground to hear what people are saying.

Rise of the Beasts will be more of a larger spectacle and not a smaller initimate film like Bumblebee.

Will there be rap music involved in the film? You will feel '94. Hip hop culture. You will feel Brooklyn. Will have a great soundtrack.

Who is your favorite Transformer and why?

Lorenzo: evolved over time. Ironhide originally because his son's favorite character. Bumblebee has been his favorite.

Steven: you haven't met his favorite character yet because it's in Rise of the Beasts. Loves Prime. Ironhide is a cool character. Of course 'Bee. Gonna be some dope characters he's going to introduce in this film.

Hasta ahora bastante cool, todavía queda 1 año!

EDIT: Entrevista al director

"The main hero is Optimus, as we all know and love," Caple said. "We're bringing Prime back, paying direct homage to Generation One. I care so much about this character that I really wanted to dive into Transformers, and I saw a Bumblebee and I was like, okay, Bumblebee had his own movie, but I want to discover more about Optimus Prime, dig underneath the surface, get underneath the metal, if you would, and like explore who he is and his experience here on earth, you know?"

"I know everyone has been asking like crazy, are we going, G1, are we going to G1?" Caple continued. "The answer is, yes, we are going to G1, the Prime."

The movie takes place about a decade before Michael Bay's Transformers -- and Caple plans to use that as an opportunity to explore a kind of "Year One" approach to Optimus Prime, and give fans a sense of how he became a great leader.

"It's 1994, and in a way, both the animated series and the Bay films treat Optimus the same in the sense of who he is as a leader, what is his drive?" Caple said. "All those things. What we've done is we're bringing it back to where you see how he becomes, what you're familiar with. And that's big new news."

And, yes, it isn't just a question of him spending 10 years on Earth. There's more to it than that, and fans will get to see what his "emotional" tie is to the planet, according to the director.

"When you say got to where he is, you mean 'we need to protect these earthlings and this biological planet,'" Caple explained. "The way to look at it is he's new to earth and he doesn't have a connection to earth the way we met him in the Bay films and the way we met him in the animated series where he's already a protector of Earth. And so in this film, it's forming, why does he have a link to humanity? And why does he have a link to earth? And that's emotional...At the beginning of Bumblebee, we showed, he escaped from Cybertron his home planet. And so in a sense, he's he literally is like an ex-pat here, right? He's landed. He's, he's an alien and he's never been here before. And so it allows us to get underneath say the stoicism of what we're traditionally presented in an Optimus."

Según la entrevista, es secuela a la peli de Bee y precuela a las otras 5
Así que... Optimus Prime visitará la Tierra en los 90s y aprenderá que tiene que proteger a los humanos? Digo, ya estuvo en la Tierra en los 80s, antes de llegar de nuevo en 2007 y... Man, la línea temporal de las pelis es 1 dolor de cabeza XD

Espía Autobot / Decepticon
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Gracias por la informacion

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Estoy muy entusiasmado por esta peli. El saber que Michael Bay ya no está como director me dá mucha tranquilidad.

Decepticon 100%
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Imágenes oficiales subidas por el director.

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Targetmaster Autobot / Decepticon
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Que genial.

"Nadie que se rie de si mismo, puede aparecer risible" Séneca

espero que a mi querido personaje Wheeljack no le den una horrenda apariencia como ese horrible Q´ que no se a quien en su sano juicio penso que darle una apariencia de albert einstein (que gran estupidez) y de paso otorgarle un modelo alterno de mercedes benz que ,para colmo es mandado a ejecutar por un Soundwave de modo alterno de un auto aleman (una broma de muy mal gusto), seria lo adecuado...

Powermaster Autobot / Decepticon
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Supongo que ya se habrán enterado que corrieron el estreno al 2023......

"Por cada paso que doy debo antelar lo que sucederá dentro de los cien más que dare....."
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Cuando me empezaba a emocionar de ver un adelanto ahora en diciembre o ver un teaser para el Superbowl, aparece la noticia que recién saldrá en Junio/Julio del 2023...practicamente 2 años más.

La verdad no entiendo ese cambio tan drastico:

*Todavia temen por la pandemia y que este producto no les sea rentable?

*Decidieron invertir mucho en CGI y por esa razón el director y cia necesitan varios meses para poder trabajar para un optimo resultado?

*O tal vez el guión es malisimo y porque lo que vieron la pelicula es un desastre que decidieron tomarse estos meses para poder arreglar las cosas?

Tal vez la última oportunidad de Paramount para enderezar el camino Transformers, de no ser a estas alturas no me quejaria que Disney compre los derechos.

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Alto Consejo Cybertroniano
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Se dice que Rise of the Beasts será la 1ra de 1 trilogía

Además 1 peli animada en 2024


Alto Consejo Cybertroniano
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Fuaa, me desconecté tanto de las pelis que apenas recordaba que se venía esta, aunque siempre las voy a ver al cine por las dudas de que me gusten jajaja, es TF, es tradición.


El saber que Michael Bay ya no está como director me dá mucha tranquilidad.

Idem. A ver, en la peli de Bumblebee del 2018 se notó que Bay no la dirigió (aunque estuviese como productor). Si bien no me pareció la gran obra maestra ni mucho menos, fue más llevadera y se alejó un poco del desvío de las anteriores. Habrá que esperar a ver qué nos ofrece esta...

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Qué lindo como quedó el foro con estas modificaciones, ojalá pase más gente a comentar y participar.

Por el momento no salió ningun adelanto sobre la pelicula, esperemos que entre los meses de noviembre y diciembre finalmente tengamos el primera teaser/trailer.

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"Nadie que se rie de si mismo, puede aparecer risible" Séneca
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Hace un tiempo que no me pasaba por los foros de transformers, pude ver el trailer anteriormente pero todavía tengo sentimientos encontrado por lo que ví.

Lo positivo:

*El ver que todavía mantienen los diseños de algunos de los personajes que vimos en Bumblebee.

*La historia sigue la continuación de la última mencionada.

*Los máximales y sus modos bestias...WOW!

*Me encantó la fotografía.

*Por lo visto esta vez y por fin, tendremos mucha participación de los robots.

Lo negativo:

*Por momentos muy pobre el CGI (obviamente quiero creer por tema de tiempo).

*Villano genérico, por lo poco que vi no me parece que tendrá un papel destacable Scourge.

*Diseños al estilo Bayverse.

*Optimus y su boca...en Bumblebee estaba bien con su máscara tanto para hablar como para pelear.

Decepticon 100%
Escrito originalmente por @wheeljack1982

espero que a mi querido personaje Wheeljack no le den una horrenda apariencia como ese horrible Q´ que no se a quien en su sano juicio penso que darle una apariencia de albert einstein (que gran estupidez) y de paso otorgarle un modelo alterno de mercedes benz que ,para colmo es mandado a ejecutar por un Soundwave de modo alterno de un auto aleman (una broma de muy mal gusto), seria lo adecuado...

vengo del futuro.... Wheeljack tiene un espantoso diseño y para variar ni siquiera esta en el poster promocional de la pelicula

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Segundo Trailer:

Todavía sigue tendiendo cosas del bayverse, pero algunos diseños se ven bonitos y al parecer tendremos a los robots practicamente en todo el metraje, Unicron se ve genial!

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"Nadie que se rie de si mismo, puede aparecer risible" Séneca
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